Hong Jin Young Receives Death Threats Because Of Love Line With Kim Jong Kook

Some fans oppose the idea of the two getting together… REALLY oppose!

Keen-eyed viewers of SBS‘s Running Man have often detected romantic chemistry between regular Kim Jong Kook and frequent guest Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young is a trot singer and frequent variety show guest on Running Man.


They are known to be close friends who rely on each other for support and sometimes just a good laugh.

The two are cutely bickering about whether or not Hong Jin Young is taking a selfie or recording a clip.


Previous episodes have featured the “Trot Queen” and the famous bachelor drawing closer and closer, to the point where other members of the Running Man crew have started to comment.


However, in the most recent episode of Running Man, Hong Jin Young revealed that some fans privately messaged her on Instagram threatening her if she got together with Kim Jong Gook.

“Some international fan direct messaged me on Instagram threatening to kill me if I continued to flirt with Jong Gook oppa.” — Hong Jin Young


Yang Se Chan spoke on behalf of a large community who ship Kim Jong Kook with Song Ji Hyo.

“It’s because there is a strong community of fans shipping Jong Kook hyung and Ji Hyo noona.” — Yang Se Chan


A humorous Hong Jin Young then responded, “Will someone kindly translate that I don’t plan to stay on Running Man? I’m here momentarily and then will leave, like the wind” causing all the Running Man cast members to burst into laughter.


There has been much speculation about Kim Jong Gook’s bachelor status and apparent connection to co-star Song Ji Hyo.

Many international shippers use the hashtag #spartace (Sparta + Ace) when referring to Kim Jong Gook and Song Ji Hyo’s nicknames.


More recently, Kim Jong Gook’s mother revealed that she has long had her eye on Song Ji Hyo to be her daughter-in-law!

However, the two have denied being in a relationship multiple times and have said they are merely close friends.


Come on down, Most Eligible Bachelor #1!

Source: Sport Seoul
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