Running Man PD Reveals Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo Often Meet “Privately”

“This isn’t something they are doing just for show.”

Running Man PD Jung Cheol Min admitted that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo often meet up in private.

The show’s cast members have been making fun of the pair for possibly being in a relationship.

They’ve become the latest couple on the show, especially as they grew closer and closer by each episode.

The most recent “evidence” was when Song Ji Hyo commented on Kim Jong Kook’s body.

PD Jung Cheol Min stepped up to clarify that their chemistry was never forced by the production team, but just arose naturally.

“It’s true that the two of them spend time together during their private lives. But the crew doesn’t give any directions to create a love line between them.

If there’s a delicate atmosphere [between them] during filming, it’s all from the members. We only film the natural reactions between them.”

— Jung Cheol Min

He added that the creation of a new love line could be a burden for Song Ji Hyo rather than a good thing.

“Honestly, because Song Ji Hyo was part of the Monday Couple in the past with Gary, a new love line would put more burden on her.

The dating rumors probably started because Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were close since the beginning.

Some viewers say they are sick and tired of love lines but we can’t hide what happens while filming.

This isn’t something they are doing just for show.”

— Jung Cheol Min

He emphasized that the close bond between each of the members may just be that and nothing related to a love line.

“What you see from the members is what really happens.

Ji Suk Jin was willing to bet his entire wealth on them not dating since the members are all close. [When they heard the rumors], they thought ‘Oh? What’s this?’

The production team feels the same way.”

— Jung Cheol Min

Source: Osen