Hong Kong Idol And Former Olympian Gains Attention After Admitting To Relationship With An Alleged Korean Cult Sexual Assault Victim

The girl is featured on Netflix’s “In the Name of God: The Holy Betrayal.”

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

An idol and former Olympian is gaining attention after admitting to being in a relationship with and showing support for an alleged sexual assault victim featured in Netflix‘s documentary In the Name of God: The Holy Betrayal (referred to as In the Name of God below).

Poster for “In the Name of God” | Netflix

The idol, Alex Fong, made his official debut in the entertainment industry in 2000 after participating in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney as a swimmer.


Alex Fong | on.cc

He set numerous records in the swimming pool, some of which he still holds to this day, years later. Combining his athletic build with a cute visual, he gained immediate popularity and succeeded in singing, acting, and more.

Alex Fong singing with then girlfriend Stephy Tang | on.cc

Alex Fong had a girlfriend, fellow idol Stephy Tang, throughout the years. The then-couple filmed several movies together and publicly admitted to dating for nine years in 2015. Unfortunately, they separated the following year.

Movie poster featuring Alex Fong and Stephy Tang | Marriage With A Fool

Since the breakup, rumors have circulated regarding Alex Fong’s relationship status, but the idol never officially confirmed any of the alleged relationships. Finally, in March 2023, Hong Kong media reported that Alex Fong is in a relationship with a girl named Maple Yip.

Maple Yip | @y.myth321

Maple Yip is featured on Netflix’s documentary In the Name of God as an alleged sexual assault victim of Jung Myung Seok, the leader of Providence Church (also known as JMS). Their case is currently awaiting trial, and attempts to block the documentary’s release have failed.

Jung Myung Seok | Ilyo Sisa

Prior to the documentary, in March 2022, Maple Yip held a press conference in Korea, exposing the horrific details of her experience as a member of the cult and as a sexual assault victim of Jung Myung Seok.

Maple Yip | @christiantodaynews

Maple Yip alleged that she encountered members of JMS on the streets of Hong Kong when she was only a high school student and eventually joined the cult herself. She alleged that she was brainwashed into believing she was a bride and treated Jung Myung Seok like her groom.

Jung Myung Seok featured in “In the Name of God” | Netflix

Maple Yip lived like this for ten years. She alleged she was sexually harassed for the first time in 2018 and convinced herself this was all for the love of God. She claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Jung Myung Seok in 2021.

Maple Yip in “In the Name of God” | Netflix

Eventually, with the support of friends, she realized what was actually happening to her. However, she was not able to walk away from the whole situation immediately. As she was being sexually assaulted again, she audio-recorded the ordeal as evidence.

Maple Yip in “In the Name of God” | Netflix

The Netflix documentary was released on March 3. On March 4, Alex Fong admitted to dating Maple Yip and revealed that she had told him everything on the first day they met.

This girl is very truthful and honest. Her actions align with her experiences, so I trust her completely.

– Alex Fong

Alex Fong talking about Maple Yip | on.cc

Alex Fong revealed that his girlfriend still sees a specialist but does not have to take any medication. As for the pending legal case, Maple Yip will be attending court in Korea as a victim, and Alex Fong hopes to travel there with her. He also urges the public to watch the Netflix documentary.

The documentary sent chills down my spine. I felt that she was very innocent and naïve, but in reality, she’s tougher and braver than anyone else. From the first day I met her, she’s been very truthful. I admire her so much for her honesty and bravery.

– Alex Fong

You can watch the trailer of In the Name of God below.


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In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal

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