Netflix Wins Court Decision Against Controversial Korean Cult

A controversial church had sued to block an upcoming documentary on the grounds of defamation.

Netflix‘s upcoming documentary series, In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, will be released on March 3 as scheduled.

Poster for In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal | Netflix

On March 2, Seoul’s Western Circuit Court ruled to dismiss Providence Church‘s (also known as JMS) attempt to block the broadcast of Netflix’s upcoming documentary series, In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal. Previously the church had filed a suit to block the documentary from airing on the grounds of defamation.

Netflix and its affiliates seem to have collected a considerable amount of objective data and created a program around this. It is difficult to disprove the data as false solely based on the evidence submitted by JMS.

— Seoul’s Western Circuit Court Judge

According to Netflix, the documentary “Examines the chilling true stories of four Korean leaders claiming to be prophets and exposes the dark side of unquestioning belief.”

The documentary series consists of eight episodes examining four self-proclaimed prophets, including Providence Church’s controversial leader, Jung Myung Seok.

Jung Myung Seok | Ilyo Sisa

Jung Myung Seok was arrested in 2009 for sexually assaulting a follower and was sentenced to ten years in prison. He is currently awaiting trial after being charged with molesting a foreign follower last October.

Netflix’s documentary will be released on March 3. The trailer is in the link below.

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In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal

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