Singer Joey Yung Reveals The Last Message She Heard From Seungri After The Scandal Cancelled Their Collab

Her last message from Seungri.

Hong Kong singer, Joey Yung, was preparing a special collaboration track with BIGBANG‘s Seungri when plans fell apart after his recent scandal.


Just last month, Joey Yung visited Korea to work on their collaboration. However, their plans fell through when Seungri was caught up in legal matters before he had the chance to work on their music.

“I finished my recording, and Seungri was supposed to participate. There was a lot of post-production left, but Seungri had to stop mixing and all other projects. He was supposed to participate a lot more on the track, but it’s unfortunate that the collaboration won’t be happening. There’s nothing I can do about it not going to plan.”

— Joey Yung


When asked if Seungri said anything to her after the scandal broke, she replied that he sent his apologies through a colleague from YG.

“Seungri was too busy so he sent his apologies through his agency’s colleague.

I didn’t know. Seungri’s agency doesn’t want me to say much about it. I’ll stop talking here.”

— Joey Yung


Although he may be under heavy scrutiny from the public, Joey Yung only remembers Seungri as a “talented artist” and hopes for his safety and well-being.

“For the past few months, Seungri was very busy. It’s very unfortunate. To me, Seungri is a very talented artist. I was looking forward to our collaboration. I hope he gets better soon.”

— Joey Yung


Seungri is currently cooperating with the police in the investigations surrounding his former club, Burning Sun, and his connections to Jung Joon Young’s hidden camera chatroom.

Source: TV Report