Hong Seok Cheon Defends Jennie and Kai’s Relationship on National TV

He questions the value of public opinion.

On a recent Channel A talk show, TV Personality, Hong Seok Cheon spoke up about celebrity relationships.

The hosts discussed everything related to the paparazzi, which led Hwang Young Jin to mention:

“On New Years Day, the relationship news about EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie came out.”


In response, one panel added, “Their date at the park as well as their matching items were brought up as well.

One reporter expressed their concern:

“Jennie’s solo track was called ‘SOLO’. If their relationship news got out when her song was released, that could have been problematic.”


That’s when Hong Seok Cheon raised the criticism:

“We should discuss whether or not public opinion is so important that they can’t date freely. Your idols should be able to date and have fun. Do the public have to know about it on the first day of the new year?”


Does Hong Seok Cheon have a point?

Source: My Daily