Gay Comedian Hong Seok Chun Raised Eyebrows Kissing Kim Jin Young On Camera, But Here’s How The Latter Truly Feels About It

“I actually wanted it…”

Openly gay comedian Hong Seok Chun raised eyebrows when he kissed Single’s Inferno Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex) on the cheek during the Blue Dragon Series Awards.

As viewers did not know if the kiss was agreed on beforehand or not, they felt that Kim Jin Young could have been uncomfortable with the situation. It was only after the show ended that Hong Seok Chun took to Instagram to clarify the situation.

Oh, and one last thing. Regarding the congratulatory kiss on the cheek to Dex, who won the rookie award, before the award, I asked for permission to do so if he won. So, I hope that people will not misunderstand or think otherwise.

— Hong Seok Chun

Although the ceremony was back in July 2023, Kim Jin Young only spoke up about it recently on September 6, 2023. During an interview, he revealed that he actually wanted the kiss!

Hyung also didn’t know that I would win the award. He said first that if my name were to be called, he could kiss me on the cheek. I respect him, so I said sure. He enjoyed it too. He’s such as good and nice person. Actually, I too, would’ve been so happy to have been congratulated like that. I also kiss the hyungs that I like on the arm and stuff. I never thought that [the kiss on the cheek] was too overboard. Actually, I wanted it. I was not one bit uncomfortable with it.

— Kim Jin Young

With clear consent between the two, any doubt regarding the kiss should now be put to rest!

Source: Sports Chosun