Actress Hong Soo Hyun Talks About Boyfriend Microdot And His Parent’s Scandal

“I have been worried that I may cause any inconveniences for Seoul Mate.”

On December 6, actress Hong Soo Hyun attended the press conference for her appearance on tvN’s Seoul Mate 2 and responded to questions about her boyfriend Microdot and his parent’s recent scandal.


With the debt scandal of Microdot‘s parents giving rise to the #DebtToo movement, the public has been gaining more interest in what his girlfriend, Hong Soo Hyun, has to say as well. When asked about the Microdot’s recent issue at the press conference, the actress cautiously responded by politely requesting not to ask about the matter.

“Since this event is being held for Seoul Mate, I’d appreciate it if we stick to matters about the program. In fact, I have been worried that I may cause any inconveniences for Seoul Mate. Thank you for understanding.”

ㅡ Hong Soo Hyun


She reiterated that she does not have anything to say about the issue, especially at this time.

“In regards to the issue, I do not have any statement to give, especially at this time. I apologize.”

ㅡ Hong Soo Hyun


CP Park Sang Hyuk, the producer of Seoulmate, also stated that they have been considering the issue but that it didn’t seem necessary to address the issue at the press conference.

“I have worked with Hong Soo Hyun on the reality program Roommate in the past. Therefore, we cast the actress and began filming at the end of October. We’ve contemplated about the issue at hand, but I don’t see any reason to address the issue at this press conference. We do not have any reason to delay the program.”

ㅡ CP Park Sang Hyuk


Meanwhile, Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot announced their relationship back in July. Their agencies stated that the stars’ relationship developed after growing close on the variety program, The Fishermen and the Sea.

The recent press conference was Hong Soo Hyun’s first public appearance since Microdot’s scandal.