Mom Writes A Public Plea For Support For Trainee Son Who Almost Debuted Under BTS’s Company

He is participating in the survival show “Fantasy Boys.”

A mother of a longtime trainee penned a heartfelt plea to residents after receiving news that her son would be participating in a survival show. Her son, Hong Sungmin, will be on Fantasy Boys (also known as Boys Fantasy or My Teenage Boy). The show will air March 2023.

What surprised netizens was that the mom had claimed her son to have almost debuted under BTS‘s company. This, of course, refers to HYBE. She made the post on a neighborhood community forum.

The mother’s post. | via theqoo

Hello. I’m a mom who’s always just looking without commenting. The photo is of my son, Hong Sungmin, a trainee. This time, he will be on an audition survival show, and I ask the mothers in Yeongju city to vote for him and promote him.

Firstly, the first live performance will be on Music Core on MBC just a little later at 3.15 pm. I hope many people can tune in. Also, he appeared in the MV for a singer called Espero, who collaborated with Kim Ho Joong. He really is super passionate.

— Hong Sungmin’s mother


He had been studying at Daeyoung Middle School before transferring up to Seoul where he trained for three and a half years in BTS’s company, but his debut got scrapped right before the debut. He has been living in a goshiwon (small one-room with cheap rent) before he finally got a chance to appear on this show.

The first official broadcast date is March 23, at 10 pm, MBC’s Fantasy Boys. I hope that the mothers of Yeongju city can cheer him on such that he gets to debut this time. If you search “Fantasy Boys Hong Sungmin” on the internet, his information should pop up. Have a good day. Thank you.

— Hong Sungmin’s mother

Hong Sungmin is listed on the official Fantasy Boys site as a former trainee of Pledis Entertainment. Born in 2004, his position is all-rounder.

Given that his trainee period of three and a half years coincided with HYBE’s acquisition of Pledis Entertainment in 2020, he could have debuted under a boy group under HYBE label. The label’s companies often transfer trainees internally as well. Check out Fantasy Boys‘ first live performance below.

Source: theqoo