HOOK Entertainment CEO Responds To Prescription Drug Allegations — Vows Legal Action

The agency vowed legal measures against a previous article.

HOOK Entertainment denied the allegations that CEO Kwon Jin Young had abused a COVID-19 provision that allowed patients’ guardians to receive prescription drugs on the patient’s behalf.

Kwon Jin Young | Top Class

On December 8, HOOK Entertainment released a statement in which they revealed that the CEO had suffered from cerebral infarction in 2015.

CEO Kwon suffered cerebral infarction in 2015. Due to this, she faces great discomfort in her daily life and needs a guardian.

— HOOK Entertainment

The statement then claimed that due to the CEO’s condition, she is qualified to have a guardian pick up her prescription as per Korea’s amended medical law.

Due to this, she suffers from stiffness in the muscles on her left side and is still receiving treatment to this day. The law regarding prescribing absent patients by proxy was amended on February 24, 2020, to allow acquaintances of patients to be guardians.

— HOOK Entertainment

HOOK Entertainment then asserts that CEO Kwon Jin Young qualified to receive her prescription drugs through her guardians, who, in this case, are her employees.

As per this amendment, she qualifies to be able to receive her prescription drugs by proxy, and in particular, someone who is able to receive her prescription drugs through her acquaintances. There is nothing illegal or suspicious about CEO Kwon receiving her medicine by proxy.

— HOOK Entertainment

The agency also denied that the CEO ever received prescription drugs through a third party, which was alleged in an SBS article.

CEO Kwon, who suffers from insomnia, lawfully received her prescription sleep medicine, and hence is absolutely not illegal.

— HOOK Entertainment

HOOK Entertainment then vowed to take legal action against a previous article in which she was alleged to have abused several of Korea’s drug laws.

CEO Kwon Jin Young will take strict legal measures against the relative outlet and its reporter.

CEO Kwon Jin Young bows her head for the recent controversies and will not run from taking accountability.

However, it is excessive and infringing on her human rights to criticize Kwon Jin Young for actions that are legal just because she is the one doing them.

— HOOK Entertainment

Previously, SBS had published an article that alleged the CEO had abused several of Korea’s drug laws by sending her employee to pick up her prescription drugs. The article also alleged that the CEO had received prescription drugs from a third party.

HOOK Entertainment CEO Is Hit With New Allegations That She Violated Several Drug Laws

Source: Wikitree
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