Hospital reveals the reason why SinB fainted during recent performace

G-Friend‘s SinB recently fainted on stage, leaving many fans shocked and worried about her health.

After unfortunate news regarding G-Friend’s Umji left fans worried over the members’ health, it seems another member is also not in her best condition. During an event held on November 3rd at Jeonbuk University, SinB suddenly collapsed on stage during the group’s performance, shocking the audience as well as her fellow members.

From the beginning of the performance, SinB had seemed unwell as she visibly broke out in a cold sweat and was having trouble standing straight. Although she tried to hold out until the end, she eventually fainted mid-performance. The members and staff then immediately came on stage to bring her to the hospital, leaving no choice but to stop the group’s performance halfway. However, the rest of the members continued to perform their set after SinB was taken to the hospital.

Fans were left shocked and worried as they fear this is a result of G-Friend’s packed schedule, which leaves all of the members exhausted and overworked.

Check out the clip below.

 Although fans were extremely concerned for SinB’s health and requested that she be allowed to take a break, she appeared the next day for the live broadcast of “G-Friend and Pika friend’s Pokemon World Adventures” on V-App appearing healthier than ever.

She assured fans during this broadcast stating “I’m okay guys don’t worry. I’m completely fine” and smiled continuously to further ensure fans of her perfect condition.

SOURCE Music later explained that “The hospital confirmed there is nothing wrong with her, and that the reason she fainted was due to sudden dizziness.”

Source: Busan Daily

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