ARMYs Are Simping Over Hot K-Pop Hairstylist Mujin Choi Who Has Worked With BTS, TXT, And More

It all makes sense now!

Move over, BTS! ARMYs’ latest bias wrecker is your hairstylist.

BTS’s Jin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

This week, a celebrity hairstylist has gone viral on social media due to his own outstanding appearance.

The K-Pop hairstylist in question is Mujin Choi.

Mujin Choi | @hairbymujin/Instagram

He boasts 143k followers on Instagram and has styled many of your favorite K-Pop idols, not only BTS members.

Screenshot on May 12, 2022. | @hairbymujin/Instagram

Mujin Choi styled HYBE labelmates TXT for their latest comeback.

He styles girl groups, too, such as aespa!

Still, he’s one of the go-to hairstylists for BTS.

Mujin Choi styles BTS’s hair for just about everything.

From all of their commercials and ads, including Xylitol, Samsung, FILA, Coway, Seoul, etc. The list goes on!

Even McDonald’s for The BTS Meal!

All those iconic magazine covers? He was responsible for making sure the members were ready for their closeups!

He’s also handled styling the members’ hair for live events and performances, including the 2021 American Music Awards, the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Louis Vuitton fashion show, etc. These are just a few examples.

Of course, we have to mention the “Butter” concept photos and remixes because those were all hot AF. Jimin‘s unicorn hair? Iconic!

So, he has pretty much been the man behind all of BTS’s recent iconic hairstyles for the latest comebacks and events, including “Permission to Dance,” Japanese album BTS, The Best, …

…Even recent concerts such as PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE ON STAGE L.A.

And, we can all thank him for V‘s fluffy perm!

While Mujin Choi tends to post mainly his stylings of artists, he occasionally updates with photos of himself.

His most recent update including photos of himself, though, got a lot more attention…

Mujin Choi updated Instagram with two black-and-white photos of himself traveling in London, England.

The amount of attention it got on Instagram was not out of the ordinary. It got about 32,551 likes and just a couple of fan pages reposted.

Yet, it made its way to ARMY on Twitter and ultimately went extremely viral.

An ARMY shared the two photos on Twitter, simply captioned, “oh. BTS’s Hair Stylist.” In just a day, the tweet already has 92.8K likes.

The replies and QRTs are very telling too. ARMYs are straight-up thirsting over the man who styles their bias’ hair.

It even made its way to TikTok, and it’s going viral there too.


he can be my sneaky link 🙂 jin ain’t gotta know. #bts #btsarmy #bangtan #fyp

♬ Super tuna nightcore – txtxyou

Even the QRTs of the Twitter post are going viral as ARMYs theorize that the handsome man is the reason why BTS change their hairstyles so frequently…

…The members want to see him as much as we do!

Of course, this certainly wouldn’t be the first or last time ARMYs have simped over some of BTS’s attractive staff. For years, ARMYs have fallen for various bodyguards.

Don’t even get us started on BTS’s backup dancers! They’re all hot AF too.

So, ARMYs are beginning to wonder if being attractive is a job requirement for HYBE or a side effect.

Either way, we finally know the true meaning behind the “H” in HYBE.

Whether to be around other hot people or for a glow-up, we’re definitely applying to HYBE.

Source: @SEOULTANGI and @hairbymujin

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