IU and P.O To Meet Up With Yeo Jin Goo In “House On Wheels” – A “Hotel Del Luna” Reunion

We can’t wait for this!

On the coming episode of tvN‘s House On Wheels, set to air on the 30th of July, the Hotel Del Luna cast are set to be reunited. Last week’s episode already saw Yeo Jin Goo meeting up with IU for an adorable reunion. Fans are highly anticipating this week’s episode as it will mean the cute bellboy, P.O, will be able to see his sajang-nim (boss) and jibaein-nim (manager) again!

| tvN

Last week, Yeo Jin Goo impressed IU with his memory of the type of drinks she enjoys. This week, P.O joins them, carrying a duffle bag for travel. He ran up to the house, calling out for his sajang-nim.

The way he called out for both of them reminds us of how his character, Ji Hyun Joong, did all the time!

Upon the reunion, P.O expressed that it felt like he was living in a dream. He must’ve missed his fellow cast mates a lot!

The other cast of House On Wheels, Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won, commented that it felt as if their son’s friends had come over to play.

They felt proud at seeing Yeo Jin Goo, IU and P.O eat heartily while catching up with each other.

Look at how sweet and happy they look!

The full episode will be out on tonight. For those that want a sneak peek, check out the preview below.