“Youth With You” Hu Wenxuan Personally Denies Dating Rumors And Promises Not To Date During His Career

He recently debuted in S.K.Y.

Chinese idol Hu Wenxuan was recently romantically linked to actress Chen Siqi in online rumors. However, the idol has personally spoken up regarding the matter. Through his official Weibo account, Hu Wenxuan spoke candidly to fans.

Not only did he deny the dating rumors, Hu Wenxuan went a step further and promised fans that he would not be dating anyone during his career as an idol. He expresses the decision as a form of respect, both towards his fans and his profession.

However, Hu Wenxuan also shared just how tough he had it, when he was struggling against the baseless rumors. He also apologized for worrying people around him.

Hu Wenxuan is a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment who debuted in S.K.Y, through the survival reality program We Are Young (2020). He also participated in Youth With You (2019).

His statement can be read below.

Regarding (people who asked) why I couldn’t speak up about it — This isn’t something I can decide on my own. So many rumors here and there, but I endured them. Even if I was misunderstood by people, I stuck it through. In these two years, there has not been a lack of gossips, be it big or small. Some people would ask me, “Why have you changed from the past?”, being ridiculed and speculated about by a group of people that don’t even understand me for so long, would I remain the same? Sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, I also find myself a little foreign. I’m really regretful, that I am not the sort of person that is innately strong, that I cannot pretend nothing happened when I am hurt. I always try to convince myself, it doesn’t matter, that if I am to be a free-spirited person, I do not need to be concerned with other people’s gossip. But what you get in return for compromising time and time again, is just things stacking up.

I do actually, need to apologize. To my fans, family, friends, and staff. No matter the reason, I have caused everyone to worry about me, to be angry and sad. I am deeply sorry and am very grateful for everyone’s trust and support. Thank you for being here through it all.

Currently, I have no intentions of dating, and during the course of my idol life in the future too, I will not date. This is my form of respect to you guys, and it is my sincere promise towards my career as well.

Those people will pay for having acted upon lies, speculations, and conjectures.

(By the way, I forgot today is April Fool’s Day, but the above has nothing to do with that.)

— Hu Wenxuan

Source: Weibo