Fans Chronicle “Unfair” Treatment Of “Girls Planet 999” Contestant Huening Bahiyyih

They say she deserves better.

Is Huening Bahiyyih being treated unfairly on Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999? According to the fans who have collected “receipts” from Episode 1 until now, the answer is yes.

Huening Bahiyyih | Mnet

In the latest interim results, revealed on October 18th, Huening Bahiyyih rose to fifth place in the competition’s Top 9. The fifth spot was previously held by CLC‘s Choi Yujin, who now ranks second. Even so, fans fear that Huening Bahiyyih may not hold onto her Top 9 rank until the end.

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From camera work and styling to feedback and editing, viewers have pointed out a number of issues that have arisen over the course of the show.

For instance, Huening Bahiyyih is the sister of TXT‘s Huening Kai, but she is earning a place on the stage with her own merit, showcasing idol-worthy vocals and dancing on Girls Planet 999. Some fans feel, however, that in an early episode, the show drew more attention to a video call with her famous brother than the positive aspects of her team’s performance.

Despite demonstrating stable vocals and a killer stage presence, including a well-received improvised dance move, some fans believe the show’s masters (mentors) are not giving Huening Bahiyyih the feedback they feel she deserves.

Camera work is also a point of contention. Rather than capturing Huening Bahiyyih’s adorable ending fairy move, the camera operator appears to have missed the timing. Instead of showing Huening Bahiyyih’s highlight…

…the camera focused on the “awkward” pause that followed it.

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Fans also pointed out the stark difference in quality between the camera work for Huening Bahiyyih’s fancam versus that of other contestants.

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As for styling, during one performance Huening Bahiyyih wore an oversized top and bucket hat, while the rest of her team dressed in form-flattering crop tops.

Even a coffee truck has stirred up debate about Huening Bahiyyih’s treatment on the show.

During her time on the show, Huening Bahiyyih has gained a loyal fanbase, not just for her talent, but for her good sportsmanship. Read more about it here:

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