Husband of the woman involved in Gary’s alleged sex tape speaks out for the first time

The husband of the woman involved in the sex video initially involving rapper Gary speaks out for the first time since it circulated. Recently appearing in an interview, the husband revealed that the woman involved in the video is his wife, whom he married three months ago. He revealed that not only his wife, but also his family and their close acquaintances, suffered through a difficult ordeal as the video, including images of his wife, were rapidly spread online.

However, as he received support from close friend and acquaintances, he stated that despite initially thinking about divorce, he vowed to stand by his wife and protect her through this difficult situation. He also promised that as the video and images of his wife’s past continue to circulate online, he reveals that he will take necessary measures to punish the people responsible for filming and leaking the video.

The statement was similar to Leessang Company’s official statement as they defend Gary from the speculations pointing him to the act. It was later on clarified that despite initial speculations that it was Gary in the video, it turned out the man involved only highly resembled the rapper. However, the agency is taking legal measures to ensure that the perpetrators who circulated the rumour be punished for their malicious intent.

Source: Dispatch