Leessang Company responds to rumours about Gary’s alleged sex tape

Leessang’s Gary has spoke out about the recent speculations involving him in an alleged sex tape that has been circulating online. 

On August 31st, Leessang Company released a statement about the alleged sex tape involving Gary and denied his involvement further expressing their stance on taking legal action. According to the agency, “The person in the alleged sex tape circulating through recent SNS is not Gary,” but a male figure that resembles closely to the rapper. The agency also defended Gary’s involvement based on the location of his tattoo as the man on the video has on it his left arm. Gary, on the other hand, has a tattoo in his right arm.

The man in the video is said to have contacted the agency about the issue, while Gary decided to take necessary steps to stop the spread and prevent any more damage.

A formal investigation will be launched to those who spread the video and false information and will take no lenience in any agreement.

Source: Dispatch

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