Hwaeomsa Temple Denies Responsibility For Leaking BTS RM’s Private Conversation To Media

Fans’ arguments call out the inconsistency in their statement.

The Hwaeomsa Temple, which recently came under fire for leaking BTS RM‘s private conversation with its chief monk, has denied any involvement with the leak to Korean media.

RM (far right) with monks of the Hwaeomsa temple and Balming Tiger member San Yawn | Korea JoongAng Daily

On January 5, KST, multiple Korean media outlets started reporting about RM’s visit to the temple at Mount Jirisan right before the new year. Though the BTS leader himself had shared pictures from his visit on his Instagram, what took fans aback was that the chief monk of the temple, Venerable Deokmun, had revealed parts of his conversation with RM to the media.

Apart from sharing that the star had been donating to a children’s foundation led by monk Deokmun for years, the articles also quoted the monk on his conversation with RM about BTS’s conscription issue. Fans felt that it was a deliberate attempt to bait him into saying something controversial since the monk specifically asked him if he was sad about not getting an exemption.

While ARMYs were debating whether the articles should be given attention, RM called out the invasion of his privacy through his Instagram. In a series of stories, he mentioned that he didn’t expect articles to be written about his stay at the temple and even said that next time he would go to some other temple to make his visitations quietly. He also deleted his posts that included pictures from his stay at Hwaeomsa Temple.

I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…😂

— RM via Instagram

Next time I’ll make a quiet visit to a different temple…

— RM via Instagram

RM’s polite yet firm stand against the violation of his privacy made fans call out the media outlets and monk Deokmun for crossing the line. Though most were mindful of not to misdirect their anger towards the temple or the religion itself, it turns out the Hwaeomsa Temple has given out a statement to a Korean media outlet regardless.

According to the report of YTN Star, the temple denied any knowledge of how the conversation got leaked to the media.

We don’t know how RM’s visit was reported.

—Hwaeomsa Temple, YTN Star

The vague statement has enraged fans even more. Many take it as an excuse given instead of an apology. Some fans also feel it is an attempt to shift the blame on RM without directly saying it since a one-on-one conversation like that could be leaked by either of the parties and denying responsibility on their end only leaves the person on the other side to be questioned.

Source: YTN Star


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