Hwang Chiyeol To Set Up His Own Agency And Announces Comeback Plans

He left his longtime agency.

Veteran singer Hwang Chiyeol has reportedly set up his own agency and will become its representative CEO. Following the expiration of his contract with HOW Entertainment, he has decided to step out on his own.

| HOW Entertainment

The talented singer set up his own one-man studio to manage his activities. He has also reported that he plans to make a comeback in 2021, making it his first release in a year. His last drop was “Untitled” in 2019. Hwang Chiyeol is best known for his song, “A Daily Song”. He also used to coach various idols including Infinite, After School, Lovelyz and more for vocals. BTS has even covered “A Daily Song” in their rookie years.

Although he is less active as a singer, Hwang Chiyeol is still very much sought-after in the industry. He has hosted many singing shows including I Can See Your Voice and Immortal Songs 2. Take a listen to his songs here.

Source: Star Today