Here’s How A Korean Skater Plans To Avoid Unfair Treatment After His Controversial Elimination At The 2022 Olympics

Netizens feel he was unfairly disqualified from the previous match.

South Koreans have been riled up lately ever since the kick-off of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. During a controversial short-track speed skating mixed teams relay, the Korean team had initially entered the pre-semifinals but were dropped from the semifinals. Although they had been selected to move up during the pre-semifinals, after a video replay, they were disqualified. The Chinese team, who was next in line, was chosen to advance to the semifinals instead.

Korean team athletes crying after the match. | Yonhap News
Additionally, Hwang Dae Heon was disqualified from the men’s 1000m semifinals despite finishing first. While he had been disqualified for an infraction, Koreans have been protesting the decision. From a video of the match, Koreans claim that the Chinese athlete pushed Hwang Dae Heon in the knee, which should have disqualified the Chinese athlete.

I’m so speechless. Hwang Dae Heon even scrunched up his arm as to avoid touching him but the Chinese athlete just pushed Hwang Dae Heon by the knee so blatantly LOL and they gave Hwang Dae Heon a penalty?

— @ondeXonda

The press flocked after the heated match to ask Hwang Dae Heon for a statement. He left the grounds that day without comment, however. He was soon approached by the media once again to ask about his plans for the 1500m match, set to take place on February 9, 2022. He was also asked about how he felt about the previous match where he was disqualified.

He explained his justifications for his alleged infraction, as well as how he hopes for a cleaner play in future games.

Hwang Dae Heon. | @daeheon_hwang/Instagram

[During the previous game], I just went in for it after calculating it with my eyes. For tomorrow’s match, I want to play it more cleanly if I can, but [after the previous match], I’ll definitely be trying to play it cleaner.

— Hwang Dae Heon

Hwang Dae Heon | @daeheon_hwang/Instagram

As the media pressed for his upcoming play and strategy, he declined to comment.

I’ll not respond to that. There are too many people that know how to speak Korean.

— Hwang Dae Heon

Many speculate that he is referring to the technical coach on the Chinese team, Ahn Hyun Soo, and the movement director, Kim Seon Tae. Both are Koreans that had been hired to coach the Chinese national team.

Wishing him all the best in the upcoming match!

Source: Hangyeore