Hwang Hana Denies Break Up News With JYJ’s Park Yoochun

Hwang Hana leaves a questionable comment that could be denying the news.

Only hours after the break-up news of JYJ’s Yoochun and Hwang Hana got out, the bride-to-be is now denying the couple’s separation.


When a fan commented on Hwang Hana’s Instagram that she is sorry to hear about the break-up, Hwang Hana responded with a comment of a questionable nature.


The fan commented, “You two made a cute couple, it’s too bad (the relationship ended).” Hwang Hana responded the articles covering the break-up are all lies.

“Don’t mind the articles, they’re all lies.” — Hwang Hana


The confusion grew stronger, especially because Hwang Hana had uploaded pictures from what she called a “second double date” only a day before the break-up news got out.

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In one of the pictures, the handwritten message reads, “Have a good time enjoying wine with your oppa (오빠, possibly referring to Yoochun) and Cookie (dog)”.


Fans are confused as to what Hwang Hana’s comment could mean.

  • “What the hell is going on?”

  • “Does she need more attention…?”

  • “Maybe they have to pretend they didn’t break up. Or that they did break up. So complicated…”

  • “This whole time I thought Yoochun was being clingy. Maybe it’s her who can’t let go?”
  • “How many times are they going to do this… I’m about to lose all interest.”


Since her questionable comment went captured and viral, Hwang Hana has disabled comments on her Instagram.

While Yoochun’s agency confirmed the relationship is over, fans want to know why Hwang Hana would have publicly commented such a thing.

Source: Viva 100