(★UPDATE) Park Yoochun’s Agency Confirms He Broke Up With Hwang Hana

The wedding is cancelled.

Earlier news reports stated that Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana have called off their wedding and are no longer dating. A close friend had revealed that they decided to remain friends.

“They recently broke up. They called off the wedding and are no longer dating. The reason for their split is unknown, but they separated amicably. Hwang Hana has decided to continue cheering Park Yoochun on as a fan.”

— Close Friend

Many believed the reports were false, since rumors of their split had circulated before. Hwang Hana had previously denied rumors that she wanted to call off the wedding, back in July 2017.

It appears the rumors are true this time around as Park Yoochun’s agency confirmed that the two have split up and have called off the wedding. They were unable to clarify any of the details because it dealt with the private life of their artist.

“Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana have recently broken up.

Please understand that we are unable to explain in detail because it pertains to their private lives.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

Source: Osen