[★UPDATE] Hwang Hana says she still wants to marry Yoochun

Hwang Hana sent out an email to deny the rumors that she wants to call off the wedding to JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

“It’s not true. It’s false news.”

— Hwang Hana

She clarified that the news reporting that she vented to a friend that she wanted to end it all was completely false.

[★TRENDING] Hwang Hana wants to call off marriage to Yoochun

She asked the reporters to take down the news about the false claim.

“It’s a report about lies, so please delete it.”

— Hwang Hana

She said she never even breathed a word about calling off the marriage.

“I never said I wanted to split up, and it’s my first time hearing about all of these claims. They’re lies.”

— Hwang Hana

A reporter soon called Miss Hwang to confirm her email statement.

“This all happened because one of my friends or a family member is close with certain news reporters.”

— Hwang Hana

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