Third-Generation Idol Announces Her Marriage, Reveals Handsome Fiancé

Congrats to the couple!

Hwang Hyun Jin (Also known as Yigyer) is getting married.

Hwang Hyun Jin

On November 28, News1 reported that Hwang Hyun Jin was getting married on December 23.

Recently, the former idol revealed in an Instagram post that she was getting married. Hwang Hyun Jin also revealed her fiancé’s visuals.

Time is really going by quickly! I can’t believe we are getting married in 100 days… I’ve been preparing for my wedding quietly, but I am revealing it to you since there are only 100 days left. It’s about to get much busier, so let’s gather strength, partner.

—Hwang Hyun Jin

Meanwhile, Hwang Hyun Jin debuted as part of Ye-A in 2014. She is also known for being the daughter of Korean football hero Hwang Sun Hong.

Hwang Sun Hong

Hwang Sun Hong is the current national team coach for the U-23 team but is better known for  leading Korea’s 2002 World Cup team, which saw the country place fourth by beating powerhouses Italy and Spain. 

Source: wikitree