MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Fulfills Fans’ Wishes And Reveals Her New Collab

The concept photo dropped out of nowhere!

There is a quote that does its rounds in the MAMAMOO fandom every now and then — “Why do I always wake up to MAMAMOO doing the most unexpected sh*t“?” And the reason why so many MooMoos agree is because with this quatret, you really never know what will be their next move.

It hasn’t even been a week since Hwasa attended the Valentino fashion show in Italy and performed at the HallyuPOP Fest in London the next day. But the MAMAMOO maknae is already back with a whole new whiplash- she is reuniting with rapper Loco for a new collaboration single!

The concept picture for the collaboration dropped on MAMAMOO’s official Instagram a few hours ago. And needless to say, MooMoos were more than ecstatic at the news.

Some MooMoos are now recalling that Hwasa had already hinted at the collaboration while performing at the Waterbomb Festival. She apparently shared that she was working on a new project right before performing “Don’t” at the festival. Talk about spoilers!

The song is slated to be released on July 25. This is the second collaboration of the duo, who worked together on a song called “Don’t” 4 years ago.

Will they be able to create the magic again?

Source: RBW Entertainment