HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk Worries Fans As He Is Spotted With A Leg Cast

Despite his injury, he impressed with his loyalty to his friend.

HYBE‘s founder and producer, Bang Si Hyuk, was recently spotted on the Instagram of his close pal, designer Yoni Pai. Yoni designs for her own brand, SJYP. She recently opened her own cafe, Cafe the Great, located in Itaewon. Guess who had to pay a visit? Bang Si Hyuk himself graced the trendy location with his presence.

She made sure to upload a post to thank him.

Chairman Bang Si Hyuk, whom I respect so much in real life and whom is the most successful out of everyone around me, turned up at Cafe the great today and surprised people. But to me, he’s forever Si Hyuk oppa, who buys me food well. He hurt his leg but he still rode a wheelchair to visit the cafe and was happy for me that there was many people. He’s actually a sweet man who sent me a photo from 10 years ago, saying that yesterday was our 10th anniversary of knowing each other. I’m always so proud of you. I’ll always cheer on your amazing endeavors.

— Yoni Pai

While many were touched at the loyalty of Bang Si Hyuk towards his longtime friends, fans were also worried about his leg and the fact that he was in a wheelchair.

The reason for his injury has not yet been made known. It’s amazing how he stays true to his friends and the lengths he will go to for them! Get well soon Mr Chairman!