HYBE Becomes The First K-Pop Company To Have An In-Building Healthcare Center

All company employees can use it.

HYBE has become the first K-Pop company to have a full-fledged healthcare center within their building.

In a press release shared by HYBE, they announced they will be expanding their already present healthcare to a full-fledged mini-hospital, showcasing their commitment to their employees and artists. While their building has previously had a health care room, HYBE has expanded this by now hiring doctors and nurses and also obtaining specialized treatment spaces. This makes HYBE the first K-Pop agency that has full-fledged medical services within the company’s building.

HYBE’s new healthcare center will consist of a lead doctor and two nurses who will be in charge of prescriptions, IV fluids, physical therapy, and first aid. There are also rooms for physical therapy, heat therapy, recovery rooms, and first aid treatment. In addition, the lead doctor, Dr. Kim Jun Ok, previously also studied music and composition theory, so they  have an understanding of what stressors musicians have.

All HYBE employees are able to use the clinic, from artists and trainees to regular office employees. Its intention is to allow their employees and artists a space where they can better manage their bodies. HYBE is also subsidizing the costs for treatment at their healthcare center, with the basic medical treatment fee being just ₩1,000 KRW (about $0.75 USD). Any medical supplies used will also be charged at the lowest possible price.

The health and safety of our employees and artists is directly linked to the continued growth of the industry.

We will strive to become a company where talented people want to work by creating a healthy work environment and a culture of relaxation for our hard-working employees.


Source: ZDnet