HYBE Headquarters Sparks A Heated Debate…Just By Leaving The Lights On

A single photo led to a serious discussion about the workplace.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and today that picture is of HYBE‘s headquarters, located in Yongsan, Seoul.

HYBE | @springdayluver/Twitter

The photo was taken by a passing BTS fan, who compared the lit-up HYBE building to several darkened buildings in the same area.

Although the fan’s sole intention was to share photos with friends, the images have since sparked a debate about “grind culture” in the workplace, particularly at HYBE headquarters.

Some netizens have accused HYBE of violating labor laws and overworking its employees by operating late into the night.

Others have pointed out some possible environmental issues.

Many fans, however, are now defending HYBE, claiming that netizens are using topics such as burnout and climate change as an excuse to demonize the company and its artists.

Others have pointed out that HYBE offers flexible hours and recreational facilities, such as a gym, that employees are free to use during (and outside of) their work hours.

ARMYs have since come up with an entertaining theory for why the lights were on. Read about it here:

Why Are All Of HYBE’s Lights On? Here’s A Theory That Checks Out

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