Why Are All Of HYBE’s Lights On? Here’s A Theory That Checks Out

ARMY knows what’s up.

HYBE‘s headquarters has become a hot topic for an unexpected reason: leaving its lights on.

HYBE | @springdayluver/Twitter

It all started with the photos a BTS fan snapped and shared on Twitter. In this tweet, the fan compared HYBE’s illuminated building in Yongsan, Seoul to other buildings in the neighborhood.

The tweet has since sparked a surprisingly heated debate between netizens and fans. Some netizens have accused HYBE of violating labor laws, burning out its employees, and more.

Fans, meanwhile, have come to HYBE’s defense and provided reasons for why HYBE might have been shining like a diamond at midnight.

In addition to this, ARMYs have offered an entertaining explanation for why HYBE’s lights were on: J-Hope! During a live broadcast, this easily startled BTS member took fans on a tour of the HYBE building.


From the spooky, dark practice rooms to a restroom, J-Hope took fans everywhere with him so that he wouldn’t have to be alone.


TL;DR: This theory checks out. After all, what fraidy cat doesn’t turn on the lights when they’re home alone?

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