The Unexpected Truth Behind HYBE’s “Controversial” MIDNATT Project Is Finally Revealed — It’s Not What Netizens Anticipated

The reality couldn’t be further from the criticism it first received!

At the start of the month, HYBE had fans talking after they released a trailer for a new project named “MIDNATT.”

The first teaser of MIDNATT | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
The second teaser for the video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

When the videos and teasers were released, amid controversy about Weverse and dynamic ticket pricing, fans were disappointed to discover that MIDNATT is not a new group but rather an AI creation.

On May 15, the video was revealed for MIDNATT’s track “Masquerade.” The video seemed as mysterious as the teasers…

The “Masquerade” video for MIDNATT | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

But fans quickly recognized a familiar face and also a familiar voice on the track. It was revealed that MIDNATT was not a new group or something created by AI, but it was actually a new path for veteran HYBE artist Lee Hyun.

HYBE artist Lee Hyun | Naver

An article about the project revealed that the AI portion of the project was to allow the song to be sung in different languages. It was seen by the options on YouTube to have the song dubbed into six languages.

The MIDNATT video can have its track changed to different languages with the help of AI | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The technology used in the track allowed the dubbed version of the song to sound like they’re being sung by a native speaker. They took Lee Hyun’s voice and used the Supertone software to make MIDNATT’s voice data sound like a native-speaking narrator.

Yet, while it was shocking to fans, an interview with one of the artists of BigHit Entertainment, Lee Hyun, revealed the motive behind the project that earned such mixed reviews.

While my new identity may feel unfamiliar to fans, my goal has always been to reach the global audience. Rising above the language barriers would be the first step in this journey.

— Lee Hyun (via Fast Company)

The new Spotify profile for MIDNATT | Spotify
The description for MIDNATT | Spotify

After the video and interview revealed the truth behind MIDNATT, it wasn’t surprising that netizens voiced their anger about the marketing strategy.

While it did raise intrigue, it painted a negative image of the project, and many thought that if they had marketed it as Lee Hyun’s alter ego, it would’ve had a lot more positive reactions. In particular, the initial fear of AI not allowing real artists to shine was proven false as Lee Hyun has found a new career path to allow his talents to shine.

Considering the negative reaction surrounding the project, and the focus on AI, many fans are still angry that HYBE’s vagueness overshadowed Lee Hyun’s talent and the possibility of a huge reveal of a new chapter in his career.

You can read more about fans’ initial worries below.

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Source: FastCompany
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