Here’s All The Debut Plans HYBE Plans To Roll Out Under The Various Labels… Including Universal Music Group

An “American group” promoting in Korea?

While the various labels under HYBE has been teasing debut plans for ages, it seems that 2021 will be the year where things really gear up. The collective corporation has many plans in store for fans, with auditions running consistently in 2020 and 2021.

Reportedly, BigHit Entertainment will be debuting a localized Japanese group (meaning they are likely to promote in Korea), mid-2021, while they have plans for a new boy group in 2022. This corroborates with the online auditions they have been holding throughout 2020, specifically only for boys.

| BigHit Entertainment

Source Music as well, will be launching their first girl group ever since GFRIEND‘s debut in 2015. Their female girl group will be launched somewhere in 2021. Pledis Entertainment reportedly also has tentative plans to debut a boy group in 2022. I-LAND is said to be launching a female version of the show in order to debut a girl group in 2022. Originally planned for 2021, it was pushed off to the following year instead.

Last but not least, Universal Music Group will be launching a project in 2022. However, plans for this are kept under wraps currently, and fans do not know if this will be a fresh debut or a project group made out of existing celebrities. In HYBE’s presentation, it is said that the group will be “localized Americans” (meaning they will promote in Korea).


It is also rumored that Zico‘s label, which is now also under HYBE, is planning for a new group debut. However, as they have yet to announce auditions or plans, it can be predicted that this will not come for a few more years.

Currently Korean netizens are highly curious about the “American group” and if they will consist of foreigners who will promote in Korea or if HYBE has something else in store.

What do current HYBE stans think? Are we ready for more?

Source: theqoo
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