HYBE Announces Educational Book “BTS LYRICS INSIDE”

It will focus on songwriting and better understanding the Korean lyrics.

BIGHIT MUSIC and Cake (also known as HYBE EDU) have announced new educational BTS books.


Previously, HYBE introduced the free Korean language learning show Learn Korean with BTS via Weverse.


Additionally, Learn! KOREAN with BTS books were released. So, ARMYs could learn Korean independently. Yet, it would also be taught as curriculum via overseas universities.

Now, Cake has introduced a new method for ARMYs’ self-learning. BTS LYRICS INSIDE has officially been introduced.

Lyrics, interpretations, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes allow readers to share the songwriting experience with BTS


BTS LYRICS INSIDE will give ARMYs a behind-the-scenes look at the members’ songwriting process behind their hit songs. It will also give them a greater understanding of the lyrics, allowing them even potentially to sing along in Korean.

BTS LYRICS INSIDE is available for pre-order now for $25 USD on Weverse Shop, available in both Global (English) and Japanese. It is scheduled to be officially delivered on October 6-October 20, 2022.

Watch the trailer for BTS LYRICS INSIDE below:

Source: HYBE EDU and Weverse Shop