Here’s A Look At How Insanely Talented BTS’s RM Is As A Songwriter, And How He Helped Lead BTS To Success

You’ll be surprised by the percentage of BTS’s songs that RM participated in.

BTS‘s RM is an amazing leader, and his leadership qualities have been displayed many times.

Mnet‘s TMI News took a brief look at RM’s history as an idol and were shocked when they found out how talented of a songwriter he is. They found that while all the BTS members participate in the songwriting process, it seems that RM’s melodies get used the most.

Jimin even once spoke on how he sometimes gets a little “envious” of how great of a songwriter RM is.

In fact, RM has participated in over 90% of BTS’s songs.

In just 1 year alone, he was able to write 36 songs. In total, RM has over 100 songs to his name.

However, all this songwriting comes with a price, as RM sacrifices his sleep to write music.

All of his hard work ended up paying off, as almost all of BTS’s biggest hits, RM participated in the songwriting.

The segment concludes with Jun Hyun Moo sharing a story of how he met RM at a restroom during an award show. Jun Hyun Moo told RM that he thought “Boy With Luv” would be a huge hit, and RM replied, “Great song, right?“, then winked and left.

Here’s the full video below!