Netizens Can’t Stop Fangirling After Seeing How Handsome HYBE Idols’ Managers Are

They could easily make their own idol group!

Unsurprisingly, being good-looking is one of the most common attributes netizens associate with idols. Recently, it seems as if it isn’t just the idols gaining attention for their visuals but also the managers.

In particular, a spotlight was shone on the managers of HYBE idols after the latest episodes of The Game Caterers were released.

During one of the recent episodes, the groups were once again given cards with tasks, and they had to pick people who they thought would best be able to match the description. Before the cards were revealed to the other groups, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 brought out his manager.

When it was time to reveal the cards, everyone suddenly understood why The8 had quickly brought out his manager as the card read, “The most good-looking manager.

Like netizens worldwide, SEVENTEEN also figured out why The8 had brought out their manager. As he introduced himself, there was no denying that he was extremely handsome and had cute charms like the group he managed.

Yet, if they thought it was going to end there, they couldn’t have been more wrong as it suddenly became a battle to see who had the most handsome manager.

ENHYPEN was the next group to show off their handsome manager, and even the group’s stylist wanted to make sure he looked in the best condition when compared to the others. With his long locks, it wasn’t surprising that Jay seemed particularly confident.

It soon became everyone’s task to find the most handsome manager, and TXT‘s Yeonjun started shouting to find his manager…

This was later followed by LE SSERAFIM going on a mission to try and find their manager, who they thought was just as handsome as the rest.

Even after The8 brought his manager, fellow SEVENTEEN member Hoshi felt another one of their managers deserved to be noticed, even if he wasn’t as willing as the others.

When all the managers were brought to the front and placed in a line, it was hard to deny that they were all extremely handsome. Being the considerate group they are, SEVENTEEN chose to split the prize between all the members who were picked.

After the episode had aired, netizens couldn’t stop simping over the managers on social media. Under one TikTok video, netizens were sharing their thoughts on who the most handsome manager was in their opinion.

While others thought that something must be in the air at HYBE for everyone to be so good-looking!

More and more, it seems like K-Pop managers are so handsome and good-looking that they could easily pass for idols themselves. If idols continue to show off their managers, some netizens might have to pick a new bias…

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Source: 채널 십오야 and aus.jake

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