HYBE Is Including An Item In Their ARMY Membership Pack That Has ARMYs Convinced A BTS World Tour Is Coming

Please let ARMYs be right 🤞

Although BTS is on their second ever extended vacation, they’ve definitely had a lot going on. From jaw-dropping magazine covers, to opening up their own Instagram accounts, and even releasing their own Naver WEBTOON series, ARMYs have had quite a ride trying to keep up.

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Not only that, but BTS has released their self designed “Artist-Made Collection” of merchandise that fans could buy on Weverse Shops.

Despite each merch drop necessitating separate shipping fees, that did not deter ARMYs from selling out each of the members’ merch collections.

HYBE then released the BTS ARMY Membership Merch Packs. According to Weverse Shop’s official Twitter, Merch Box #7 will even include a clear bag!

The clear bag will apparently fit an ARMY Bomb and is even accessible for a portable charger!

All these things about a clear bag had ARMYs thinking one thing: an upcoming BTS World Tour!

Of course, these are just theories, but there have been plenty of times ARMYs have been spot on with their predictions.

ARMYs are excited to say the least!

Their theories were further escalated when the CEO of COKODIVE, a popular K-Pop merch site, went on a live broadcast and mentioned a BTS World Tour after their concert in Seoul in March.

No matter what, ARMYs are staying hopeful!

Back to the clear bag—if you want to get your hands on one, you need an ARMY membership via Weverse Shop that’ll cost you $150.

You then need to pay for shipping, which after BTS’s “Artist-Made Collection” we know are crazy high prices.

So while nothing is confirmed, we can hope! The ARMYs who get their hands on these clear bags can then (hopefully) use them when BTS go back on tour!