HYBE INSIGHT Is Now Open — Here’s What Fans Can Expect From The One-Of-A-Kind Experience

This is a must-visit!

HYBE’s newly-built museum, HYBE INSIGHT, is now open to the public.

Commemorating HYBE’s music, artists, and fans, the 4700 square-foot building embodies the company’s mission statement, “We believe in Music,” through various exhibitions, spaces, and content.

With a focus on interactive and immersive experiences, fans will experience HYBE artists in a way like never before.

From real props and clothing used by the artists…

| @jimintoday__/Twitter
| @jimintoday__/Twitter

…to gorgeous gallery wall displays of their photos, music, and more, there is a whole world waiting to be explored.

| @GYUCHE0LLIE/Twitter
| @jimintoday__/Twitter

Some personal items, such as BTS Suga‘s acoustic guitar, were directly donated by the artists themselves.

| @jeongguknuna/Twitter

Check out the Upcycling Lab for the chance to purchase upcycled pieces worn by artists…

| @_golden_gate_/Twitter

…and head to the Museum Shop for some merch!

| @beyourlight99/Twitter
| @_golden_gate_/Twitter

Fans can also purchase some “Bang & Baker’s” egg tarts complete with Bang PD’s symbol on an adorable food pick.

| @_golden_gate_/Twitter
| @_golden_gate_/Twitter

Tickets to experience HYBE INSIGHT range from $20 USD to $23 USD and each viewing session is limited to two hours.

| @bangtan_lab/Twitter

Get ready to experience the legacy of HYBE’s artists in a whole new way! Take a more in-depth look below.

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