HYBE LABELS Acquires QC Media Holdings To Further Advance The Multi-Label Strategy

They are expanding the global business portfolio.

HYBE LABELS has recently acquired QC Media Holdings to advance the multi-label strategy, which is a mid to long-term growth plan while expanding the global business portfolio.

QC Media Holdings, based in Atlanta, was established in 2013 and is discussed as the most competitive label in the hip-hop field, housing artists such as Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, Migos, and City Girls. The CEO Pierre ‘P’ Thomas and COO Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, who leads the company, plans to acquire the shareholder status of HYBE and build a continuous cooperative relationship.

Thomas stated, “Now is the time to raise the status of hip-hop music to the next level. We understand and appreciate our values and will be together for a long time under the shared vision of HYBE with passion.” It is also known that Scooter Braun, CEO of HYBE America, led the acquisition of QC Media Holdings. Braun stated, “Incorporating the hip-hop genre into our business strategy is essential to building the future of HYBE.”

In regards to this, Bang Si Hyuk, chairman of HYBE, stated, “Partnership with QC Media Holdings is one of the most important puzzles in our growth strategy to innovate the entertainment industry through diverse portfolios and technologies. We will work together to deepen the hip-hop genre in the global music market.”

Source: star news