HYBE Re-Uploads LE SSERAFIM’s Teaser Photos After Being Criticized For Shoddy Photoshop Work

Fans spotted the errors immediately.

HYBE recently released the group teaser photo for the upcoming girl group, LE SSERAFIM. After a week of releasing individual member teasers, they uploaded the group teasers on April 10, 2022.

While the set of photos with the members in blue jeans looked fine…

LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

…the rest looked oddly photoshopped. It was as if they had taken the photos separately and were photoshopped into one frame. While this is a common method used in entertainment agencies for group shots, fans were perplexed to see the shoddy photoshop job that the staff had done.

LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

The area above Yunjin‘s head was not adequately cropped out. This resulted in Eunchae‘s wrist looking detached from her hand.

Photoshop error in LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

For the shot of the girls in sporty outfits, fans zeroed in on the area near Kazuha‘s neck.

While her baby hairs made the job hard, the staff failed to properly crop out the area between her strands and face. This resulted in a part of Garam‘s arm being concealed.

Photoshop error in LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

Even this black and white shot wasn’t spared. Take a look at Chaewon‘s elbow.

LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

The shadows were not properly cut out.

Photoshop error in LE SSERAFIM group teaser. | HYBE

HYBE re-uploaded the teaser images after facing backlash from disappointed fans.

Criticism against HYBE. | theqoo
  • “They fixed it and re-uploaded it! Sigh. They’re a crazy agency for only barely doing things after being cursed out.”
  • “HYBE is so tacky. Well, I guess they looked rather unconfident from the moment they just took the IZ*ONE kids and stuck them in to use.”
  • “It would have turned out better than this even if I had done it.”
  • “No, but group photos usually are photoshopped together. LOL It’s not that they take them individually, but they take them a few times, pick each member’s best cuts, and photoshop them together. But it’s the first time I’m seeing a job like that. It’s not like they would’ve done it on a 13-inch laptop, so how could they not see that?”
  • “Wow, it’s f*cking insincere of them. Why are they like that? Are they doing their jobs shoddily?”
  • “They should close down their entertainment agency.”
  • “They couldn’t even pick those out…?”

HYBE swiftly corrected the errors and re-uploaded them a few hours after the initial release. Fans soon accepted their quick response to the matter.

Source: theqoo