HYBE’s New Boy Group? Netizens Speculate A Senior Actor’s Son To Debut Under BTS’s Label Soon

His visuals have already become a topic of discussion.

Netizens believe that a senior actor’s teenage son is set to debut as a part of HYBE’s upcoming boy group.

After Zico announced that he will be debuting a new boy group under his label KOZ Entertainment, fans started closely monitoring his social media to keep an eye out for any possible hints about the prospective members. KOZ was acquired by HYBE in 2020.

| @woozico0914/Instagram

It looks like they have finally found an easter egg in his Instagram. Jang In Hee, the wife of actor Jung Tae Woo, recently followed Zico on Instagram, along with the account of a new boy group. The group is called BOYNEXTDOOR, which was recently announced as the name of Koz Entertainment’s upcoming boy group.

Best known for his work in historical dramas such as Taejong Yi Bangwon and The Merchant: Gaekju 2015, Jung Tae Woo has two sons, Jung Ha Jun, and Jung Ha Rin. Ha Jun, the older brother, is speculated to be a HYBE trainee, and after Jang’s Instagram activity, netizens now believe that he will be debuting as a member of BOYNEXTDOOR soon.

Jung Ha Jun | @in_bee_/Instagram

On June 25, 2022, Jung Tae Woo’s family guested on KBS’ television show Home Man, where Ha Jun got a lot of attention for having similar visual features to BTS member Jin.

Ha Jun, who is just 14 years old, has already captivated people with his visuals, and fans are looking forward to witnessing his other skills as an idol.

| instiz.net
  • “He’s a baby, but he’s really handsome.”
  • “He…Wasn’t he the guy who was said to look like Jin..?
    —”That was Chanhyungie!!”
    —”Ah! He’s someone else…!”
| instiz.net
  • “That’s not what he currently looks like at his age, right? He looks way too young.”
    —”If he’s born in ’09, I think it is. He’s in his 2nd year of middle school… he’s 14 in international age.”
  • “Whoa, ’09…”
  • “Wow, soon enough, ’10 liners would debut.”
  • “His future is bright.”
| instiz.net
  • “Wow.”
  • “Wow, he’s handsome. He definitely got his parents’ genes.”
  • “If he’s born in ’09, he’s only in his 2nd year of middle school. The group is debuting in May. Isn’t he too young?”
    —”Last year some ’08 liners debuted, plus there are quite some 2nd-year middle schoolers.”
  • “Wow, ’09…”
Source: Instiz
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