HYBE Shares Response To Kim Garam’s Alleged Victim’s Statement

HYBE has shared their initial statement.

HYBE has made its first response to the lengthy statement made by an alleged victim of abuse at the hands of Kim Garam.

In their statement, they noted that the details are currently unilateral and only from one point of view and that they are still in the process of forming their own official statement.

Hello, this is HYBE and Source Music.

Earlier this afternoon, the law firm Daeryun shared their position regarding their client’s statement of alleged school violence by LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam, and it was distributed to the media.

First of all, we regret that Daeryun unilaterally announced its position to a large number of media outlets, even though a number of minors are involved in the controversy related to LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam.

We would like to say that Daeryun compiled and published the events that occurred in 2018 in a way that makes their side look advantageous, so we will compile and share our official position shortly. Therefore, journalists should refrain from reporting on the basis of one-sided arguments.

Once again, the controversy began with the spread of false information about a member who was about to debut. Judging that this act of spreading false information was malicious, we immediately took legal action and are still proceeding with this process.

Even though the member was the target of malicious attacks from those online hiding behind anonymity, we didn’t actively explain the details as many of those involved in what happened were in their first year of middle school and they are still minors.

However, the details in the 2018 case are currently being communicated only from one point of view, so we will clarify and release our position as soon as our review of Daeryun’s claims is completed.

Thank you.

— HYBE and Source Music

Earlier today, the alleged victim of Kim Garam’s bullying came forward with her legal counsel to share the trauma she experienced.

Alleged Victim Of Kim Garam’s Bullying Steps Forward, Sharing The Trauma She Experienced

Source: Xportnews

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