“A New Boyfriend Every Week”: HYBE Trainee’s Unexpected Love Life Confession

“I had a new boyfriend every week.”

In an industry where idols are often seen as larger-than-life figures, it’s always refreshing to see them open up and share charming — and sometimes hilariously endearing — stories. One such moment recently arrived when HYBE trainee and R U Next? contestant Yunah dropped a bombshell about her romantic history during a candid confession.

“I had a new boyfriend every week.” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Before you start the dating rumors, let us put you at ease. This delightful revelation from Yunah traces back to her days in… kindergarten! Now, isn’t that just the cutest twist you’ve heard in a while? According to Yunah, her “romantic escapades” began at an early age, as she “had a new boyfriend every week.”

The other trainees erupted in laughter at Yunah’s confession. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Channeling her inner princess and mom roles, Yunah, who clearly was an imaginative little girl, dated a lot of boys by playing house. As if this story wasn’t adorable enough, Yunah went on to share that these weekly romances were part and parcel of her childhood role-playing fairy tale games. Now that’s a tale for the books!

I played a princess role and mom role. I dated a lot of boys through roles like that.

— Yunah


In case you want to know more about HYBE’s romantic kindergarten heartbreaker, we’ve got you covered. Yunah is a fun-loving individual who enjoys walking, adores dogs, and relishes the sweetness of mattang (a popular Korean caramelized potato dish). She’s an unpredictable and charming “puppy,” a comparison she likens herself to.

This bubbly personality further extends to her penchant for historical dramas and movies. You might catch her binging episodes of My Love from the Star, her all-time favorite.

Yunah has the longest training period among other trainees. | HYBE

Keeping her feet firmly grounded amid all the training and attention, Yunah has cultivated close relationships with Sakurai Miu, soloist ki:ssy, and Idol School’s Kim Eunkyul. She admires Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, drawing inspiration from her as a role model. And when she’s not busy practicing her craft, you’ll find her riding a bicycle or indulging in PC games.

She currently ranks 1st among the ‘High Level” trainees in “R U Next?” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Yunah’s confession is not just cute, it’s also a breath of fresh air in an industry known for its strict dating rules and the persistent scrutiny of idols’ personal lives. It shows a playful and innocent side of a trainee’s life, reminding fans and audiences alike that before they became idols and trainees, these individuals were just kids, experimenting and growing, like any other child.

Perhaps charmingly candid confessions like Yunah’s might contribute to a change in the narrative, where idols can freely share their personal stories without fearing backlash. After all, even K-Pop stars deserve to play, grow, and yes, date just like everyone else. And who knows, we might even get to hear more enchanting tales of kindergarten romances!


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