Hyeri Cries Uncontrollably On Her Last Filming Day As She Says Goodbye To Lee Dam

She can’t stop her tears 🥺

Hyeri recently concluded filming for her tvN series My Roommate Is A Gumiho, bringing bittersweet vibes to all of the viewers. To commemorate the finale, the idol-turned-actress uploaded a vlog on her personal YouTube channel that took her subscribers on a behind-the-scenes filming of her last day on set.

Hyeri in “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” | tvN

It all began as Hyeri prepared herself for her final scene of the tvN series. As the actress touched up her makeup for her last filming session, she couldn’t hold back the tears that began to form. Upon seeing the tears, Hyeri’s makeup artist began to panic, as she tried to control the tears from falling onto the actress’s face, all the while trying to lighten up the mood.

No! No! What? What happened? Who did this to you?

— Makeup artist

After finishing up her makeup touches, Hyeri proceeded to film for her last scene. As soon as she concluded, the tears that the actress had held in from before began to stream down her face! Upon seeing her sadness, her co-lead actor Jang Ki Yong hurried over to console Hyeri.

The bond between Hyeri, Jang Ki Yong, and the staff was shown off full force as they all began joking about Hyeri’s tears in an effort to make her laugh. However, it only took one look at his My Roommate Is A Gumiho co-star for Jang Ki Yong to comfort her with a hug.

As Hyeri continued to cry, Jang Ki Yong tried to lighten the mood by joking around with her by asking, “why are you crying so much?” To which, the actor succeeded in getting a small smile on Hyeri’s face!

Jang Ki Yong: “Why are you crying so much?”
Hyeri: “This is actually not that bad, right?” I think held it in pretty well…”
Staff: “You said you weren’t going to cry!”

It was here that the Girl’s Day member let all of her tears out, as she tried to explain that she has been holding them in all day.



Honestly, I almost started crying when I was at the shop (makeup/hair) but I….

— Hyeri

Everything seemed to trigger Hyeri’s tears, as she continued to say goodbye to the staff and her character Lee Dam. Just making eye contact with her fellow cast members erupted Hyeri into tears, which was followed up with some laughter!

Jang Ki Yong“You cry and then you laugh…”
Hyeri: “Because I’m happy that I was able to hold it in this long. I’m proud of myself.”

How does she manage to look adorable while crying her heart out? While we will miss Hyeri as Lee Dam, we can’t wait to see her future projects! Make sure to check out Hyeri’s vlog down below.

Source: Insight