Hyeri, Yeri, And BoA Check In On SHINee’s Key And Confirm He’s Doing Well In The Military

We miss you, Key!

Girl’s Day Hyeri‘s recent Instagram update shared how SHINee‘s Key is doing in the military and fans are happy to see their friendship is still strong!

Hyeri and Key have been “work friends” for a while, with their relationship growing even closer while they appeared on tvN’s Amazing Saturday together. When Key enlisted to serve his military duty, Hyeri actually burst into tears on the show and showed how dear he is to her heart.


In her post, Hyeri captioned, “Key-oppa is healthy, it has been confirmed!” Key and Hyeri captured the moment by posing the same way. Indeed, Key looks healthy and as handsome as ever in this picture – even in his military uniform and hat.


In another picture, comedian Park Na Rae and the show producer Lee Tae Kyung are also pictured. Fans are assuming the Amazing Saturday team went together as a group to visit Key, who will be discharged in late 2020.


Key also updated his own Instagram account with recent pictures of his visits at the military base. In these pictures, he’s posing with BoA, who has been his role model and best friend in the K-Pop world for a very long time, and with Red Velvet‘s Yeri too.


With these photos, Key wrote, “Thank you!!!” and shared his excitement and appreciation for his good K-Pop friends visiting him while he’s serving.


Not only are Key’s fans excited to see that he is doing A-okay in the military, they are also happy to see his fellow idol friends taking such good care of him. It’s clear that Key is absolutely beloved in the industry and his friends miss him as dearly as his fans do!