Hyolyn’s Agency Is Now Looking Into Take Legal Action Against Alleged Bully Victim

The case has become more complicated.

As soon as the news of Hyolyn’s alleged bullying case got out, the artist and her agency had responded to the controversy and seemed to be taking steps to make amends with the netizen who initially shared her story on an online community. Since then, however, the netizen in question and Hyolyn have shared contradicting updates on how the situation is playing out.


As soon as Hyolyn’s agency responded to the initial allegation, by proposing to have the artist visit the alleged victim and apologize to her in person, the netizen claimed she does not want to be seen offline. Through an update of the original post, titled “The Last Update”, the netizen requested that Hyolyn simply contacts her by phone and apologize in sincerity.

You’re planning to meet me in person? Do you mean I have to see Kim Hyo Jung, after 15 years, and feel that fear again? Please don’t come see me in person. You’ll probably bring your manager or your agency reps to ‘apologize’ to me. But I don’t want to have to look at you in those scary eyes.

— Alleged Victim of Hyolyn’s Bullying


The alleged victim showed great discontent with the artist and the agency’s response – not to her direct messages, but in an open, official statement form.

I sent her other DMs, but she didn’t read them. Instead, her agency released this ‘official statement’. So how do you plan on coming to see me if you don’t reply to my DM? Are you going to track my IP? Just call me and apologize sincerely.

— Alleged Victim of Hyolyn’s Bullying


Shortly after the post went viral, however, another classmate of Hyolyn and the alleged victim came forward to point out that the ‘victim’ herself was also a delinquent student and bully. This third person blasted that the netizen in question also “smoked and drank since school days.” And with that, out of the blue, the alleged victim deleted all the related posts.

Translations: “I’m leaving this because I’ve heard from my friends about what’s going on and I can’t let that slide by. I’m from Gwangyo Middle School too. I just want to share what I know about the person who uploaded this about Hyolyn. She was a drinker and smoker since school days. She would pick on me, hit me around, and spit at me whenever I’d pass by. I was so scared of her, I had to avoid her all the time. She and her group of friends were very delinquent and had a bad reputation at school. It wasn’t just me though. They picked on all the weak kids. I was so traumatized that I tried to forget about it… but this is making me look back to all those times. I hated them so much, I wanted to transfer schools… I hope she’s also sorry to the people she bullied.”


This began building a lot of speculation among netizens, until Hyolyn’s agency released another statement regarding the issue shortly after the deletion. In this statement, however, the agency has taken an entirely different stance.

All the related posts to Hyolyn’s alleged school bullying case have been deleted without any further explanation. This person blatantly fired up controversies and created rumors by posting on a platform where everything can be spread everywhere, only to then simply delete the original posts. It is such a shame that someone would do this – for someone who ‘just wants a sincere apology’.

— Bridge


Now Hyolyn’s agency is looking over options to take legal action against the person for defamation. While there is no additional explanation as to what exactly happened between the netizen and Hyolyn in the meanwhile, the agency claims that the netizens did not have firm proof to confirm of her own allegations of Hyolyn being a bully to her.

By posting allegations that are not confirmed, the person has greatly damaged Hyolyn’s reputation. Hyolyn, who has been devoted to her path for the past decade, now faces a tremendous amount of trouble in the continuation of her career. Hyolyn will not avoid any necessary steps to be taken involving this issue. The agency will also take legal action against the original uploader for shaming and defaming its managing artist.

— Bridge


Since the agency’s statement to review legal action, the netizen resurfaced and commented that Hyolyn did reach out to her, but nothing has changed in the fact that she wanted to meet in person. When the netizen reportedly shared her contact information, Hyolyn did not make any moves – but rather the agency released a statement to sue her.

Translation: “I’m the person who wrote the Nate Pann post. Few hours after the articles went live, Kim Hyo Jung replied to my DMs. She said she was out of the country wrapping up her international schedules. She said she just got to the airport and said, ‘I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to you. If you’re okay with it, I’d like to come see you now and talk to you in person. Can you send me your contact information?’ It has been 6 hours since then. I heard she’s going around asking for my number to other classmates from our school. So I DM-ed her my number but she hasn’t called me yet. Now I’ve been blocked from accessing Nate. And the agency wants to sue me, I see.”


The agency confirmed that it has seen this latest comment by the alleged victim. It also confirmed that it does not plan on changing its decision to pursue legal action. The agency lastly added, “We apologize to Hyolyn’s fans for causing trouble and making them worry about the artist.”


Netizens are now completely confused as to what is exactly happening with the case, among Hyolyn, her agency, and the alleged victim. Many are staying tuned to find out more about the truth.

Source: Joins and Sports Chosun