Hyolyn Announces Her Official Fandom Name, And You’ve Probably Heard It From Her Before

It’s has a familiar ring to it!

Former SISTAR member Hyolyn has revealed her official fandom name, and it may be something you’ve definitely heard from her before!

On February 28, Hyolyn posted an announcement via Twitter, asking fans to vote among three possible fandom names; “Hyottie”, “Lyon” or “BAE”.

And almost a month later,Β  Hyolyn held a live broadcast on March 27 to excitedly reveal her official fandom name!

Out of the three names provided, Hyolyn revealed that she ended up choosing a name for the fandom herself, and she chose “BAE”!

Although fans may have had other preferences, they’re happy to see how pleased she is with the name, and are proudly calling themselves “BAE” now!

This name is especially meaningful, as it’s a two-fold name that is very transparent about her love for fans, and also alludes to her one of her very first singles as a solo artist, also titled “BAE”.


Congratulations to Hyolyn and her fans, BAE!

You can watch the MV for “BAE” here: