Hyolyn Reveals The Hilarious Story Of How She Roped Her Current CEO Into Creating A New Agency With Her

Her CEO jokes that Hyolyn tricked her into it.

On DIVE Studio‘s DAEBAK SHOW season 2, Hyolyn shared that if she could use a time machine, she would go back to the days when she was planning to create her own company,  Bridʒ.

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Hyolyn shared that she didn’t want to go back to cancel or change her decision; instead, she hoped that with the wisdom she now has, she could better plan and execute creating her own agency.

Her desire stems from a slight regret: though she set up her own company, it wasn’t a one-woman job, and she felt sorry for her CEO, whom she had begged to join her.

While it’s definitely difficult starting from scratch, Hyolyn wasn’t sorry for the difficulties the two had to endure together, but rather for the fact that when she proposed creating her agency, she actually had no idea what she was doing (though her CEO thought otherwise.)

Hyolyn: That person thought that I’d prepared something and had a clear idea, plan, and future. That person thought I was confident because I had something clear.

Eric: Didn’t you have it?

Hyolyn: I had nothing. I just asked the CEO to join me.

Eric Nam couldn’t help but laugh at Hyolyn’s blunt admittance of accidentally “scamming” her current CEO to join her endeavors to build her agency. But because of that hilarious but rough start, Hyolyn wishes that if she could, she would return to that time and bring clearer ideas to the table.

Since the CEO was with Hyolyn for the schedule, Eric asked for her two cents on the situation.

Hyolyn’s CEO was just as hilarious and honest as Hyolyn, causing Hyolyn and Eric to laugh even harder as she shared what happened.

She said that she wanted to establish a company but had no idea how. So I said I would help her. She said she needed a CEO for the business license. I told her to use my name. And it’s been five years.

— Hyolyn’s CEO

It probably came as a considerable surprise to Hyolyn’s CEO once she realized Hyolyn didn’t have any clear plans. Still, they’ve stuck together for the past five years, slowly and surely paving their way to success and happiness. Of course, Hyolyn’s CEO couldn’t help but end her commentary with playful sarcasm.

I’m happy. Surely in the future a good day will come.

— Hyolyn’s CEO

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