Did T-ARA’s Hyomin Just Throw Shade At Ex-Boyfriend, Soccer Player, Hwang Ui Jo?

“I’d rather die than marry him…”

 Hyomin has since clarified that the post is not in reference to anyone.

T-ARA‘s Hyomin might have thrown some subliminal shade at her ex-boyfriend, soccer player Hwang Ui Jo.

Hyomin | @hyominnn/Instagram

On April 21, Hyomin, who is currently traveling in Australia, uploaded to her Instagram, notes from her English studies.

The picture, however, is causing some netizens to do a double-take. In the image is written, “I’d rather die than marry him” with “ㅋㅋㅋ,” the Korean equivalent of “LOL,” written next to the sentence.

| @hyominnn/Instagram

Hyomin is fresh off a very public break-up with Soccer star Hwang Ui Jo. The couple released a statement stating, “Although the two met with good feelings towards one another, the spotlight proved too unbearable.

Hwang Ui Jo (left) and Hyomin (right) | Dispatch

Soon after the break-up, the idol stated she would be leaving for Australia to live there for a month.

Hwang Ui Jo is one of Korea’s brightest star athletes. The striker for the national team plays professionally in France’s Ligue 1 for FC Girondins de Bordeaux.

Hwang Ui Jo | The Korea Times

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