T-ARA’s Hyomin Clarifies Her Now-Deleted Cryptic Instagram Post After Speculations About Her Breakup

The post read, “I’d rather die than marry him,” and raised questions about her ex-boyfriend.

Early March 2022, T-ARA‘s Hyomin confirmed the breakup with her athlete boyfriend Hwang Ui Jo after having been public with the relationship since November 2021.

T-ARA’s Hyomin | @hyominnn/Instagram

Following the breakup with the soccer player, Hyomin set off to Australia for a month—stating it has “always been a dream” to live and study English abroad.

Studying English abroad has always been the goal, but knowing me and how afraid I can be, I decided that might be a stretch. So, as practice… I’m off to Australia to live there for a month.

— Hyomin

A week into her life in Australia, Hyomin uploaded what seemed to be handwritten notes from a language class. The sentence captured in the photo, reading “I’d rather die than marry him” with “ㅋㅋㅋ” (LOL) next to it, caused some speculations online. Korean media reported on the Instagram update, adding that she “could be throwing shade at her ex-boyfriend.”

| @hyominnn/Instagram

Hyomin soon deleted the post, swapping out the photo with a different page of her English notes. When the speculations continued even after the switch, Hyomin took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of the textbook she had been using to study. The textbook displayed the sentence, “I’d rather die than marry him,” as an example of the English phrase construction of “I’d rather [verb] than [verb].”

| @hyominnn/Instagram

Hyomin asked the Korean media and the internet to stop trying to connect any dots.

Soccer player Hwang Ui Jo | Ilgan Sports

The sentence comes from an example in the textbook and is not a shade at anyone. I ask you to please stop writing articles about it based on speculations. I’ll be more thoughtful going forward as well.

— Hyomin

The story, too, has since been deleted from Hyomin’s social media platform. Having wiped the slate clean, Hyomin is back to sharing more content from her life in Australia.

Source: xportsnews