Hyosung Reveals TS Entertainment Hasn’t Paid Her Since 2015

SECRET’s Hyosung would rather have her contract cancelled than receive outstanding payment.

Former SECRET member Hyosung is willing to forfeit years worth of money owed to her just to break her contract with TS Entertainment. Hyosung filed a legal dispute against TS Entertainment in September 2017 after sending a certification of contents to the company in June, citing unfair settlement.

At the second hearing, Hyosung’s lawyer said she hasn’t been paid since 2015.

“Hyosung was not paid properly even after completing her schedules. The accused has provided a statement of accounts, but claimed that more specific evidence is restricted material and is withholding the details.”

— Hyosung’s lawyer 

Hyosung said she would refund the outstanding payment if she can just cancel the contract. Her career has been restricted in its potential, and all she asks is that she be set free from her contract.

“The longer the lawsuit continues, the more Hyosung’s entertainment activities become restricted. Hyosung will refund the payment that she has yet to receive, as well as a portion of the contract deposit, so please nullify the contract.”

— Hyosung’s lawyer 

A TS Entertainment representative said the settlement terms were fully disclosed and showed CCTV evidence of a settlement meeting.

“We can discuss terms on the premise that the contract is exclusive and agree to work together to reach an agreement, but we have no intention to respond to the adjustment to the end of the contract.”

— TS Entertainment

The court ordered another hearing to be scheduled in May.

Hyosung isn’t the first SECRET member to sue TS Entertainment – Jieun successfully won her bid to have her contract labelled invalid in February 2018 after filing against the company in August 2017.

While Jieun’s monetary division dispute was not upheld, the court found that TS Entertainment sold her exclusive contract rights to a 3rd party without her consent, and constantly delayed paying for her lessons, rent, and car lease as stated in the contract.

Source: Star News and Sports Chosun