Hyosung Reveals Secret To Her Drastic Weight Loss

She revealed all of her useful tips.

Hyosung made it to the cover of TEN Star and revealed the secret behind her drastic weight loss in an interview.

Hyosung had worried many fans due to her drastic weight loss compared to her debut days.

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But fans can be reassured as Hyosung revealed that her diet consisted of a healthy balance of exercise and diet restrictions.

I lost weight in a healthy way by managing exercise and eating.

ㅡ Hyosung

The first thing she did was refrain from eating “white foods”.

I tried to refrain from eating white foods during my diet. They include flour, white rice, sugar, salt, etc.

ㅡ Hyosung

She also kept to 1,000 calories per day with no snacks.

I didn’t eat any snacks and ate within 1,000 calories.

ㅡ Hyosung

In terms of exercise, repeating the same ones are not effective so she took on various types of sports.

For exercise, if you repeat the same thing, you don’t lose weight. These days, I’ve been focusing on tennis and pilates.

ㅡ Hyosung

She also explained that she used public transportation in an effort to walk more.

I don’t have much time to do much cardio exercises so I use public transportation and try to walk a lot.

ㅡ Hyosung

In addition to her diet, Hyosung said she was learning how to play the guitar, songwriting and even acting, and expressed her determination to continue her efforts to become a multi-faceted entertainer.

I will consistently make an effort until I become a multi-faceted entertainer that can sing, act and do variety shows.

ㅡ Hyosung

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